Frauke-Maria Thalacker

Lyrischer Koloratursopran


A flexible coloratura soprano for specialized tasks is something that Frauke Thalacker can call her own. she sang deliberately poised....and stood out with a excellent interpretation.



Casual vocal leadership, combined with charme and elegance represented the focal point for Frauke Thalacker.

Lübecker Nachrichten


Frauke Thalacker shook her audience with smooth trills. She flirted with the audience, that couldn't hold back with applause.

Allgemeine Zeitung der Lüneburger Heide


... the warmth in her voice...thanks to the voice of Frauke Thalacker, pure and clean as a bell, whose coloratura soprano achieved unbelievable heights... which the soloist provided with a melting legato culture.



Frauke Thalacker, coloratursoprano of the hight, soft voices and an excellent height, stood out... coupled with her expressive talent of acting...

Norddeutsche Rundschau

She went into a frenzy as Hamlet's lover Ophelia, for her feelings broke her and drove her mad. With an excellent voice Thalacker celebrates the steep rise of this aria by Ambroise Thomas' opera as well as the shadow aria of Meyerbeer.


Heartbreak, fire and luck... the soprano impressed the audience not only with her voice, but also with her aura and performance talent.

Allgemeine Zeitung Niedersachsen


The artist Frauke Thalacker incredibly toys with her audience, because she unites her acting talent with her wonderful voice...

General-Anzeiger Uelzen


She impressed the audience with her technical skill for the difficult coloraturapassages. The complete state of mind of the opera figures came to life.

Altmark Zeitung


The performance impressed the audience. " The italian songbook : great sopranist Frauke Thalacker" ...

Wolfsburger Nachrichten


The pure sopran of Frauke Thalacker gave the audience the first  highlight of the evening with her sparkling coloratura and cantilena.

Coburger Zeitung


With finely shaped coloratura, a richly modulated voice and with easily reached heights, Frauke Thalacker presented herself in the title role.

Coburger Nachrichten


Frauke Thalacker in the trouser role of a very attractive cherubino : a firehead in terms of acting and cantabile safe and sound.

Allgemeine Zeitung Lüneburger heide


The coloratura soprano of Frauke Thalacker reached wonderful heights in "Caro nome".



Frauke Thalacker's sonorous and flexible soprano, tremendously and shining in performance, filled the discussion for the love theme with intense warmth.



Frauke Maria Thalacker possesses a light timbre and a wonderful piano which she used very smoothly for Schumann..

Westdeutsche Zeitung

CD - Manon, Gilda, usw.

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