Frauke-Maria Thalacker

Lyrischer Koloratursopran

Curriculum Vitae

Frauke-Maria Thalacker is an opera singer who is passionate about classical music and theatre. Her abilities as a lyrical coloratura soprano and an actor on international opera stages make her a precious asset for any opera ensemble.

Frauke completed her vocal studies at the ages of 19 to 21 at the renowned Musikhochschule Lübeck (University for Music and Art) and continued studying music and theatre at the University of Vienna with Prof. Hilde Zadek (Soprano) and Prof. Charles Spencer (Accompanist), both internationally renowned artists. Presently, she continues to perfect her abilities with Prof. Charlotte Lehmann, who has an international reputation for best-in-class voice development.

Frauke has had the opportunity to work on stage with opera stage directors including Werner Saladin and Marco Aturo Marelli, both of whom are international experts in their respective fields. With Marelli she perfected Blondchen, the part of the Italian character in Cappricco and Zerbinetta. In this role, she not only sharpened her vocal and theatrical abilities but also honed her dancing to a style full of verve.

The roles she loves most and masters best are, among others, Gilda, Manon (Massenet), Blondchen, Zerbinetta, Queen of the Night, and Melusine (Aribert Reimann). Frauke is a multi-talented opera singer and actress who feels comfortable in both classical opera and contemporary performances.

Early in her professional career, Frauke won first prize in an international classical song competition in Italy. Building on her high professional level, she continued working with Prof. Charles Spencer to enlarge her enormous repertoire, which today extends from classical music to romantic works and contemporary compositions.

Frauke has gained first-class international experience by singing with prestigious orchestras including the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg, the New Philharmonic Orchestra Duisburg, and the National Orchestra Lyon. In her stage career, she has performed in cities including Vienna, Lübeck, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Basel, Ascona, Locarno, Florence, and Lyon to complete her international experience.

On top of her classical abilities, she has proved her versatility by performing in concerts for the national broadcasting stations Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Bayrischer Rundfunk, working with the famous contemporary composer Aribert Reiman.

Also working with Aribert Reimann, she played one of the leading roles in the Opera Stabile performed at the Hamburg State Opera ("Fräulein Adele" in the “Gespenstersonate" by Aribert Reimann).

The media usually describe Frauke’s opera performance as a perfect mix between her extraordinary voice and her vivid acting: "…flexible lyrical coloratura soprano with a melting legato culture…” “… richly modulated virtuosity…” “..united expressiveness and a theatrical fire …" (various sources).

CD - Manon, Gilda, usw.

CD - Geheimes Flüstern